9th 5:2 Fast Day Finished

Another Monday, another fast day! Pretty straightforward really. As on my 8th fast day, I didn’t eat anything until quite late (around 8.30pm) and simply had porridge and strawberries.  I had a slightly bigger portion this time with the calorie count coming in at around 350.

I was considering trying to fit in three fast days this week. Maybe fasting again tomorrow (Wednesday) and then trying to do another one sort of between Thursday and Friday (need to work out if that is feasible – maybe a 24hr one from 2 to 2 or something) . This is because the weekend looks quite busy and I will likely be away from Friday. I know the 36 hr ones are more effective but the regular two 36s and the extra 24 might benefit me a little more.

Il probably just stick to the two days. Will decide tomorrow morning.

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